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'Soccer Adventure' was founded in 2007, with the mission to create a service that is more personal, while taking into account the individual needs of our kids at different stages of development and learning. We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you to those who have supported us all these years since our early days as 'Soccer Adventure'. Your continuous support has driven us to do what it takes to create a platform to give your children the best opportunity to learn.

In early 2011 we began to put together an enthusiastic and passionate team of coaches in preparation to take this program to the next level.  In 2012 ‘ Basketball Adventure’ was then founded, and the expanded team made the decision to rebrand ourselves as Adventure Sports Academy (ASA) offering more variety of exciting sports to take part in, with a primary focus still mainly on Football (Soccer) and Basketball.


At Adventure Sports Academy (ASA) our long-term aim is to ignite a change in attitude towards the culture of sport, especially Football (Soccer) in Hong Kong.  We believe sport can do a lot more than simply serve as a past time as it brings not only significant physical, but mental and social benefits to children at an early age.

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