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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join ASA?

First, you should take a look at our website; under schedules tab in the main menu, to see when and where we hold classes. When you find a specific class venue or time that suits your schedule, please then contact us on e-mail or call us on 3998-4042 and we can let you know if there is space and book your trial. New students are welcome to come along for a free trial class - as long as we have space!


2. Can anyone join ASA?

Yes! Adventure Sports Academy is open to all children - from absolute beginners who have never played soccer to advanced players - both boys and girls. Most of our venues accommodate children of different ages and different levels of ability, starting from 18 months all the way to 16 years old.


3. Where are your sessions held?

We have classes all over Hong Kong. Please check the schedules tab in our main menu on our website to get an overview of all our current venues.


4. How much does it cost and how do I pay?

Some venue varies in cost. Usually, a 60 minutes session is $220, whilst some private classes may cost slightly more. Different venues may also have different rules about payment. Some venues require you to write the cheque out to them specifically, and some you pay us directly. This information is all included in the schedules, or contact us for more information. 


5. The term has already started- can I still join?

Yes - as long as we have space! If you want to join mid-term, please do contact our office for availabilities first and if you like the class, we would then pro-rate the remaining term fee.   


6. Do I need the ASA Uniform?

Students are required to wear the ASA uniform. This makes the classes look professional especially with our sponsors each year! You can order a set for $350 from our office and have the option to personalise your uniform for an extra $100. Please contact our office for more information, email us at or call 3998 4042.


7. What is your Squad Programme and how do I join?

Our Squads are by invitation only. Our coaches will recommend players from our regular sessions to join our ASA Squad programme if they display a certain amount of ability and have the right attitude. Our Head Coaches reserves the right on all final decisions. More information can be found on our programme tab section on our website menu.


8. What does my child need to bring to a session?

For a session your child should always be in full, correct ASA uniform (shirt and shorts), have enough drinking water for the session, wear appropriate footwear, wear warm clothing if the weather is cold, wear sun protection if required and carry with them any prescription medication required for any specific medical condition.


9. I have booked a free trial class – what should my child wear to the session?

If you are coming for a free trial class, please have them wear the appropriate footwear and dressed in any comfortable sports clothing. If you are in any doubt, please contact the office via email at or call 3998 4042.


10. Can I leave my child at the session?

If your child is 5 years old and above, you may leave them with the coaches until the end of the session. Please note, any children who are 4 years old or under are required to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Please make sure that you collect your child promptly at the end of the session, preferably arriving BEFORE the lesson is completed. If you are delayed for any reason, please contact our office, as once the lesson is finished the children are not the responsibility of ASA. The coaches will not leave children at venues, but if you are late picking them up, it is solely your responsibility to make us aware.


11. What happens in the event of adverse weather conditions?

In bad weather we sometimes need to cancel classes at short notice. We will notify you an hour before class, however, please note if we do not contact you via e-mail or SMS, classes still go on. For more information on adverse weather conditions, please see below.


12. What happens when the sessions are oversubscribed?

Lots of our sessions are oversubscribed. Where possible, we will try and fit your child in; however where it is not possible, we will suggest to you several other options of vacancies, and if those are not suitable to you, we will then put them on a waiting list. You will be informed when a space becomes available.


13. What happens if my child has an accident?

Obviously, this is not a situation we want to face, but accidents do happen and we are prepared for them. All our coaches hold First Aid qualifications and a first aid box is always present at all classes at all venues. In the event of an accident, if there is any doubt as to the child's condition, the coaches will call the emergency services without delay and the office will inform the parents as quickly as possible. If your child has any underlying medical condition, please make sure you notify us before they participate in any of our sessions when signing your child up.


14. How do you contact us to inform us of any changes to session times and so on?

We use email as our primary form of communication. If lessons have to be changed or cancelled at short notice due to adverse weather conditions or any other reasons, we will inform you via SMS. Please note, it is your responsibility to ensure that we have your correct, most up-to-date contact number at all times.


15. My child has lost his uniform, how do I request a new one?

If your child has lost their uniform, you can purchase a new one at our office or through any of our coaches, or e-mail us at or call 3998 4042.


16. If my child misses a class, can I get a make-up, refund or a credit?

Our rules about make-up class, credits and refunds are very simple and are stated clearly in our Terms and Conditions. We do offer make-up classes if students are sick and cannot attend class. Please note, it is up to the parent’s responsibility in arranging for make-up classes with our office, depending on availabilities. However, we do not offer refund or credits. Furthermore, please note, make-up classes do not carry onto next term. They are not long, and clearly give our position on this, please take a moment to read them. Our application forms will always have our policy on make-up, refunds, credits etc clearly stated. Again, please just take a moment to read them or contact us with any questions.


Hong Kong is often subject to different types of adverse weather during the course of the year. At ASA, the safety of our students is our number one priority. Our office monitors the Hong Kong Observatory forecasts very closely to ensure that sessions are conducted in a safe environment. Please note the following guidelines:



Soccer/Football is an outdoor sport; therefore we tend to go on with all our classes even if it rains lightly. However, as the weather in Hong Kong can change quite drastically and be severe, there are occasions where it is obviously not safe for classes to go ahead (e.g. thunderstorms, heavy rain, typhoons etc).


As mentioned, we do monitor the weather very closely and have our office staff monitoring the Hong Kong Observatory’s site about potential problems. If a session is cancelled, we always make the decision latest an hour before the class is scheduled to start. But please be aware that we will not always make the decision until around 1 hour before each class.


If a class needs to be cancelled, we will notify you via SMS (an hour before the

scheduled class is to start). Please note – it is your responsibility to ensure that we have your most updated contact number.

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