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Adventure Sports Academy has built its success on an amazing team of experienced coaches with a passion to help guide children to develop their skills in order to become a great sportsman. Our goal is to promote our core values of Respect, Discipline and Teamwork by exposing kids to different sports in a safe, friendly environment.  Being part of the Adventure Team is all about working hard, doing what you love in a fun environment.  So come and join the ASA Team if you want to share your passion and make a difference!

ASA Intern Program


The ASA Team are providing an opportunity for enthusiastic, high energy individuals who are looking to experience working as part of the ASA Team.  To gain value in this ASA internship program, you must be an individual who enjoys the responsibility of working with children, parents and coaches.  Furthermore, as an ASA intern, you have the best opportunity to learn a unique set of skills which will prove invaluable in your future whether you aspire to have a career in the sports industry or not.


Job Opportunities: 

Full-Time Soccer (Football)/Basketball Coach

- Responsible for planning, organising and running sessions for each class.
- Contribute to both the short and long-term planning of ASA programmes & events.
 Ensure safe, fun and enriching experiences for all children and parents.
- Needs to be authoritative but also fun for the kids to be around.
- Previous work experience with young children is a great advantage.
- E
nsure safe, fun and enriching experiences for all children and parents.
- Willing to acquire coaching qualifications.


Candidate Profile:

  • Fluent English

  • Energetic

  • Reliable

  • Pro-active

  • Organized

  • High-level communication skills

  • Approachable

  • Patient



  • High/Secondary School graduate or higher

  • Level 1 Coaching License or higher

  • 2 years coaching experience (Reference required)


Salary: $8,000-$20,000 HKD


Assistant Coach

- Help to prepare set-up before each class begins at least 30 minutes
before actual class time
- E
nsure safe, fun and enriching experiences for all children
- Help prevent injuries and behaviour management
Assist with parties and other events.
- Needs to be interested in sports and working with children. 


Administrations Officer

- Responsible for handling and organising new signups, party bookings and other registration information.
- Needs to have strong communication and customer service skills.
- Must be able to read and write in English. Cantonese is also a great plus.
- Understand ASA services and be comfortable communicating with parents face-to-face and on the phone.
- Some working experience in administrative work is an advantage.



*All hired staff are expected to be available to work on the hours that are pre-determined.  Holidays and other schedule conflicts may be arranged if discussed in advance with our program director so long as staffing ratios and needs are maintained.


If you are interested in joining our team, please send your CV to

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