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In 2012 ASA acquired Caring Company status for our hard work and good corporate citizenship. The caring company was set up to help organisations build strong partnerships between businesses and the social sector in an attempt to build a cohesive society.


We are proud to say we were granted Caring Company status and will continue to work together with charities and social groups to better the country we love.​


The Hong Kong Junior Football League has been up and running for 15 years, and is seen as one of the most competitive youth leagues in Hong Kong, even seeing some of the children grow up to take part in professional leagues around the world.   

All of the best Youth Academies take part in this well-organised league, including APSS, The Hong Kong Football Academy, HKFC and many more. It is a great opportunity for the children at ASA to take part in competitive matches and put their skills to the test.​


The Society for Community Organisation (SoCO) was formed in 1972 and has been fighting for equal rights throughout Hong Kong ever since. SoCO believes that everyone is entitled to the same opportunities no matter how rich or poor you may be.

ASA has been working withSoCO for a number of years now visiting the caged homes in
and promoting the organisation and its cause at our head office in Tin Wan. It is a great foundation and we will be supporting their projects in the future.


For nearly half a century, Heep Hong Society has been providing professional training and education to children of different abilities and their families, with the mission of helping these children develop their potential and lead a fulfilling life.

ASA teams up with Heep Hong a number of times each year to give the children an opportunity to have fun through sporting activity and maybe take part in a sport they have never tried before. 

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