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ASA Players Code of Conduct

When training or playing with ASA, every player must arrive on time; in the full ASA uniform and wear shin pads as well as appropriate footwear depending on the facility where the training or game is taking place. Please note, certain venues have special rules about footwear (e.g. no stud policy). Please respect the rules and regulations of all venues that we are using or visiting.


We expect all of our players to:

  • Do their best at all times, even if they are losing

  • Remember it’s not about winning or losing – but participating

  • Play fairly and follow the rules of the game

  • Treat their team-mates, the opposition, referees, match officials, spectators and coaches with respect

  • Respect and obey the instructions and decisions of the coaches and referees

  • Shake hands with the opposition after a match


ASA Coaches’ Code of Conduct

At ASA, our goal is to make our students become better and fair players. Therefore, coaches play a significant and key role in achieving this goal, hence when working with players, ASA coaches should always:

  • Place the well-being, safety and enjoyment of each player above everything, including winning

  • Explain exactly what is expected of players, not only in training but also matches

  • Ensure the parents/guardians of all players understand these expectations

  • Zero tolerance to bullying

  • Help develop the skills and self-esteem of every player at ASA, regardless of what their skills and capabilities are

  • Remind and encourage our students to practice our core values; discipline, respect and teamwork

  • At all times, respect to everyone involved; coaches, players, opposition, managers, officials, spectators, parents

  • Encourage fair play at all times, following the rules of the game

  • Respect the decisions of the match officials without public criticism

  • Never use or tolerate offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour


Spectators & Supporters Code of Conduct

As spectators and supports, because you are also indirectly representing ASA, therefore, you play an important role in shaping behaviour, therefore you should:

  • Show respect to everyone involved with the training or game, including the opposition, match officials, players, coaches, managers, officials and other spectators

  • Always encourage fair play

  • Help create a positive, friendly and sporting environment for all participants involved


ASA Filming & Photography Code

The aim of these Adventure Sports Academy (ASA) guidelines is not to prevent bona fide persons from recording footage of their child, they aim to ensure that players are protected from the misuse of opportunities to take or manipulate film and video footage in a way that harms players or places them at risk of harm. ASA reserves the right at all times to prohibit the use of photography, film or video at any event or activity with which it is associated. Refusal to cease or failure to comply may result in the offender/participant being asked to leave any session. Furthermore, no photograph/video of any of our sessions or matches should be used for commercial purposes without the written permission of ASA.

Players who have a public profile as a result of their achievement or family background are entitled to the same protection as all other players. In these cases, common sense is required when implementing these guidelines. All decisions should reflect the best interests of the player and ASA.


Use of Images and Information on our websites

For publicity, marketing and promotional reasons, ASA will from time to time publish information and photographs about our players and courses (for example in schedules, flyers, match reports and our website). In situations such as these we promise that:

  • Information published by ASA will never include personal information that could identify a player e.g. home address, e-mail address, a telephone number of a player

  • Players will never be portrayed in a demeaning or a provocative manner

  • Information about specific events or meetings e.g. class registers, sign up list and contact information will never be distributed to any individuals other than to those directly concerned or affected



Any concerns or enquiries, please contact our office for more information.

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