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Coach Matthew has completed the Bachelor of Sport and Recreation (Coaching) degree at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. He worked as a multi-sports coach for a year when he was in New Zealand. Coach Matthew loves playing team sports and any recreational activities such as soccer, basketball and rugby. He also joined the soccer team and the ultimate frisbee team when he was in university.

Coach Matthew also enjoys exercising as he finds it a great way to relieve stress and train his body mentally and physically. He loves being a coach because of his passion for sports and loves to share his experiences with others. Coach Matthew also completed the HKFA Grassroots Football Leader Certificate course in 2022.

Playing Position: Right Wing, Center Midfielder (Soccer), Point Guard (Basketball)
Favourite Team: Manchester City (Soccer), San Antonio Spurs (Basketball)
Favourite Player: Lionel Messi (Soccer), Manu Ginobili (Basketball)
Favourite Superhero: Thor
Next Favourite Sport: Surfing
Favourite Quote: Always do your best!

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