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Coach Terence was a graduate at La Salle College. He has been involved in varies of sports representing school Basketball Team and school Athletics Team - Discus Throw Team participated numerous times in the Inter-school competition D1 (Division 1).

Winner - Highest Division of Inter-school Basketball Competition
Currently, Coach Terence plays in the semi-professional leagues representing a few teams: Master club, Hillen Basketball and Sportsart.


He believes that bringing teamwork to the team is very important for all sports especially Basketball and Soccer. You can have all the skills in the world but without teamwork, you will not win the heart of the sports.

Let's play together and enjoy sports as a team!


Playing Position: Power Forward 
Favourite Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Favourite Player: Lebron James
Favourite Superhero: Superman 
Next Favourite Sport: Soccer 
Favourite Quote: "Talent wins games, but teamwork can win the championship.”

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